Septic Design Process

Site Evaluation

Every project starts with a site evaluation. Dave will make a site visit, dig soil test pits (project specific), assess soil type and depth and review the site conditions. This visit will establish the viability of your project and detail your course for proceeding. In the case of septic design, the site evaluation will determine size, type and location of the septic system appropriate for your site.

We require a signed Agreement and payment of the Evaluation fee prior to scheduling the site visit. We schedule projects in the order that these items are received. Please contact our office for current pricing and scheduling information.

The written report is typically available within 5-7 business days after the site visit.

Septic Design

Once the site evaluation has been completed and you are ready to proceed to the full septic design application we will develop the application package. Certain, site specific, documentation will be required from you at this time. This typically includes Critical Areas Determination, water supply verification, and any other site or project specific documentation and County review fee. Once received Dave will make a site visit to collect additional data and we will compile and submit the application to the county Health Department for review. We require a signed Agreement and payment of the Design fee in order to proceed with the Design Application. These items are included in the list of other documentation you will receive.

Once submitted, the County Health Department will review the documentation, make a site visit and respond. The timeline for response varies by County. Please contact our office for current review timelines.

The response from the County will be in the form of an Approval, Disapproval (itemizing why the design was disapproved) or a “Hold Letter”. A “Hold Letter” allows a certain amount of time to provide additional information in order to obtain an Approval. Please note that additional work will be provided at our hourly rate. Please contact our office for current pricing information.

Construction Management

After you have obtained your building permit and the foundation has been installed you are ready to begin the Construction Management phase of your septic project. At this juncture you will hire a County licensed Master Installer. We recommend obtaining at least three bids, please see our referral page for a preferred provider list.

When you have selected your Master Installer they will contact us for a “Stub-out Release”. We will then provide you with a list of items we will need from you in order to notify the County Health Department that your site complies with the approved design and request they release the installation permit to your Master Installer. In King County these items include a Notice of Maintenance Requirements to be recorded on the title of your property, an executed agreement with a Licensed Maintainer for the required ongoing inspections and any site specific documentation (i.e. individual well documentation.) Our Construction Management fee is also due at this time. We cannot proceed prior to receiving ALL requested items.

Upon receipt of the requested items Dave will make a site visit to verify that all conditions of the design approval have been met and the site has not been disturbed. We then notify the County Health Department and your Master Installer to process the installation permit. With the permit in hand, your Master Installer can begin construction of your septic system.

Once installed (but not buried) the Master Installer will request we schedule a Pressure Test. This is the on-site meeting between Dave, the Master Installer and County reviewing Sanitarian to test the system to determine it functions as designed. If this test is successful your Master Installer will be authorized to bury (backfill) the system and we will prepare and submit the As-built package for final review and approval by the County Health Department.

You will need an approved As-built to obtain final occupancy from the Building Department.