I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. You seemed to always go the extra mile, you also were there for a word of encouragement when *the reviewing Sanitarian* seemed to be a brick wall I could not climb over. I just wanted to let you know that the property sold. Someone is going to build two houses on it.

I will recommend you to anyone that needs septic system help. You were probably the kindest person out of the whole mess.

Thank you very much.

Sandy M.
Dave Huard knows his stuff. We had two very challenging lots yet Dave was able to design systems that made them both of the buildable. He is also extremely patient. We had multiple revisions to our designs due to challenges with a slope that required adjusting the home footprint several times. At one point, when the design change required new perk holes, he was out of town but sent a family member to hand dig the missing hole to make sure we had what we needed. Later, when we had an additional site plan revision, he gave us the option to hand dig the needed holes (with a hand drawn map) or hire him to come out with his mini-tractor for a reasonable cost. He keeps his clients informed and gives them choices.

Dave is thorough and also well respected by King County. This is really important when navigating the strict requirements and procedures.

April is also fantastic. As an example, one time when we had mail stolen that included our final plans, she had new packages in the mail the next day.

You can’t go wrong with HDSM. Thank you Dave and April.

Karri L.
Dave and April were recommended to us, they were responsive, informative, prepared, and helped us through a process that is always difficult, but in these economic times is down right frightening.

I highly recommend their service.
Thank you Dave and April.

Stephen C.
It has been a pleasure working to Huard Septic Design.

I had no clue what to expect and am very pleased with the final result. I learned a lot about septic systems and about “the county” over the last 6 months . . . Phew! I am so thankful that you guys take on so much and make it easy for the homeowner!

I super appreciate the quick response time from you and Dave to all of my questions. Excellent customer service!

Another note . . . I super enjoyed meeting and visiting with Dave on the initial visit! I was so happy that he came out to the house again when the pressure test was done! I didn’t see him at first, so when he came around back and I saw him, it was like seeing a friend I hadn’t seen for a while! Great guy!

Great people. Great work. Great company!

Thank you ALL for making my home a safe and comfortable place to live in once again.

Shelly A.